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About Walmond

Walmond Communications Limited is a uniquely balanced Integrated Marketing Communications consultancy that goes beyond its boundaries to bring multi-faceted and creative representation to clients. We work harmoniously with clients in researching their marketing objectives and establishing effective Marketing Communications campaigns to reach their targets and maximize their business goals.

Our services

At Walmond, we believe building strong relationships with all stakeholders is key to a successful business. We help our clients plan and communicate practices that are in the best interest of the public. We deploy strategies that demonstrate our clients’ commitment to the public, ethical behavior and corporate identity.

The brand communication plan is an integral part brand exposure. We ensure we reach the right audience at the right time to achieve results. At Walmond, we begin our strategy with research. We deploy outcome and output metrics to determine possible success rate.

We communicate creatively and persuasively to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships between organizations and the public using a variety of media platforms. We develop strategic communications through persuasive writing, survey research and campaign management by engineering plans, tactics and messages to satisfy the long-term strategic goals of our clients.

Crisis is inevitable in every business. Walmond utilizes a proactive and reactive approach to mitigate crisis situations in the most spirited manner. We establish crisis management strategies when our clients’ business operations become involved in an emergency affecting the public.

We realize that Clients’ events are an integral part of their business and pivot in the image building ofthe company. At Walmond, we plan, organize and execute all types and sizes of corporate and socialevents. We assess our clients’ needs and determine the purpose of the event. We set our objectives,develop an agenda and work within budgetary constraints set by the client.

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